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      Biwin Furniture

      Fashion Design Makes Simple Life

      Out of the ordinary


      Address: Tongzhou District stone port science and Technology Industrial Park in Nantong ,Jiangsu
      Tel: 086-513-86828682
      E-mail: aries@bw0415.cn

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      Biwin Furniture Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is a Chinese private enterprise, located in Shigang Town, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, with excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It can reach Nantong Airport in 20 minutes'drive.lt only takes 20 minutes to drive to the Nantong Airport.


      Exploring the Way of Creativity Natural Material, Eternal Classic

      A craftsman, always with ingenuity.A line of strokes is carefully polished and presented.TA wants to inherit more than the mood of the moment.What's more, it's the way of mood that year and that month.TA cherishes perseverance and keeps repeating the creation of high-quality products.Give your time and your life

      Exploring the Way of Creativity

      A craftsman, always with ingenuity.

      A line of strokes is carefully polished and presented.

      TA wants to inherit more than the mood of the moment.

      What's more, it's the way of mood that year and that month


      How to maintain the table with different materials?
      In daily life, housewives often clean and maintain furniture to keep them shiny. But you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily making the furniture clean, actually cause potential damage to the furniture. As the use time increases, your furniture will become irreparable. .
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